Epiphany is January 6 each year on the Christian Calendar. It celebrates when the wise men came to worship Jesus, commemorating the first time Christ was made

manifest to Gentiles

Outsiders and underdogs are major heroes throughout the Bible--the magi were astrologers likely from Babylon. They aren't Jews, but spiritual seekers. King Herod and the religious leaders stand in contrast to the Magi. They are the ones who should know better but yet are actually afraid that Jesus is the Messiah promised by the prophets. Their power blinds them to God. The older brother in

the Prodigal Son parable also struggles with this problem.

The magi brought more than gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They showed the religious folk the proper way to do things, worship first, gifts second. Beware the ways we try to negotiate with or manipulate God rather than truly worship. We are all apt to disregard input from people who are outside our tradition or church. We discount perspectives of people who are different from us. But God speaks through many unlikely sources throughout scripture, so shouldn't we

consider what others from diverse sources have to say?

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